php-Charts ?
php-Charts is basically a class which can be used to generate different charts(Bar, Pie, Doughnut etc.) in different format(PDF, PNG, JPG, HTML) using different data source(csv, xml, MySQL, MS Sql, MS Access, PostgreSql, user defined data).
What you will get here?
  • API for online/offline use
  • Sample Charts
  • Wizard for generation of URL, Code and Preview
  • And lastly, documents to make easy use all the features
Ways of use?
  1. Use online/offline API to write own code.
  2. Embed generated online/offline URL.
  3. Copy and Paste generated Code.
  4. Save as Image file.
For Quick Start:
  • Goto Gallery and click any chart.
  • Customize chart by providing different parameters or data inputs in wizard.
  • Generate chart in different output format.
  • Try using the generated URL, Code and Preview.
Wizard Cycle:
The following diagram describes the Wizard Cycle where user will provide required parameters in the wizard and click on generate, which will result three different types of output: URL, Code and Preview